Amy (such_heights) wrote,

VID: Glorious [multi-fandom, for halfamoon]

Tags: vid
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I watched this a year ago and loved it but I don't think I commented. I remembered this vid tonight and went looking for it and it was as good as I remembered (I might have welled up, actually, embarassingly.) It is everything that can be cool and amazing and inspiring about women in fandom. I loved that you included the children as well - Lucy and Susan and Lyra. It gives the sense of a heritage.

Sorry. Long comment is long! Basically, the video rules.
Thank you so much! I'm delighted that it continues to work so well for you.

Hey so first off I lovelovelove your video! I watch it whenever I need a dose of female empowerment. It makes me happy.

And now my question. Who is the lady at 32-33 seconds? I cant figure it out and its making me a little crazed. I feel like I recognize her somehow and dont know from where. If you get this message please let me know her identidy and set my mind at ease!!!!

Thanks <3
Thank you very much! And that is Monica Dawson from Heroes, played by Dana Davis.
Ever considered reuploading some of your old vids for download, like, say, this one? :D
Hi! Late reply is late, but all of my vids are available at my website.
:D Yay.
I had totally forgotten that you made this, but man, it makes me happy! The bonds snapping at 1:30 may have made me gasp out loud despite the fact that I must have watched this vid at least twenty times before. :)
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