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VID: Glorious [multi-fandom, for halfamoon]

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Here via allie_meril. This is marvelous! I wish I had had such a multitude of role models when I was growing up.
We're pretty spoiled for choice, aren't we? Thank you very much!
That was incredible, thank you! And thanks for telling us about the fest too, I'm having a look now and it looks fab.

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it! I can't wait to see what turns up over at the comm these next couple of weeks. :D
HURRAYYYYYY! Such a fantastic vid! Soaring!
Hurrah, thank you very much!
Woo! Invigorating stuff!
Glad to hear it, thank you!
There's a bunch of the source material that I don't recognize, but I love this & it's even better for having the vid notes as well. Great job!
Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed it without knowing the fandoms, I'd hoped that would work.
I enjoyed this.
Glad to hear it, thank you!
My god I love this vid. It seriously brought me to tears. I love those last few shots especially but the whole thing was just marvelous... glorious even, hehe.

Thank you so much, I'm thrilled it worked emotionally for you! An awful lot of love went into this. :D
Oh wow dude!
Recced here by crickets and I can see why!
This is AMAZING!
You've managed to weave so many different fandoms and characters into this but they all feel so right and they all fit perfectly. It really just makes your message come across that much clearer.
Women kick SO much ass! Hee
This is beautiful, thanks so much for sharing :)
I'm delighted it worked for you, thank you very much! :D
Excellent work, so effectively carrying such a wonderful message. This vid was truly a pleasure to watch!
I'm so pleased you enjoyed it, thank you very much!
I got goosebumps while watching this vid... hopefully I'll be able to come back sometime and tell you in detail with timestamps and thoughts about how much I love this.

It's great to hear it had an effect on you, thank you so much!

Oh, man, that was amazing. There's just SO MUCH EMOTION in it-- it's almost overwhelming.

My favorite parts... well, the whole thing! But especially the flying-horse-riding bit at about :45 -50, where the bouncy, jolty visuals fit so perfectly with the music, and the transition from Rose to Eowyn to Buffy's ax at 2:18, and the Monica-Zoe-Martha action sequence right after that, and Faith kicking in the glass case, and the ending... oh, it was all just great. Thank you for making it.
Thank you so much! I'm delighted you liked those moments, and that the emotion that went in came out again for you.

Great sense of movement--loved it, loved it, loved it.
I'm thrilled you enjoyed it, thank you!
You know, it's funny. I watched this and was thinking how awesome it was that someone was treating female characters like they should be - as glorious wonderful women - and not the trashing of them that so often happens in fandom. Then I read the meta and found out that's exactly your reasoning for some of it.

Wonderful, and thank you so much for making it.
Thank you, I'm so glad this sparked those thoughts in you even without the essay, that's great!
Oh, lovely! Such a marvellous celebration of strength and joy and more than one kind of power -- I love seeing girls with computers and science and Willow with her magic and Kaylee with her engines and Rose with her love and hope being just as awesome as the warrior girls, because that gives us girls with just pens and hope and love (and clumsiness ^-^) a little something all our own to look up to.

Plus, this is cut together awesomely: the way it starts out, with eyes opening and getting up and everything, eeee! Fantastic.
more than one kind of power

Yes yes yes, I'm glad that came across! Thank you very much indeed, I'm thrilled you liked it. ♥
\o/ Thanks so much!
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