Amy (such_heights) wrote,

Vidlet: Oh What A World

Oh What A World
fandom: Doctor Who
music: Rufus Wainwright
length: 1:19
spoilers: through 'The Next Doctor'
download: here [.avi, 13MB]
stream: below.

notes: The Doctor's life is mostly bittersweet to tragic by its very nature, granted. But the past couple of episodes especially, I can't quite help the growing refrain - cheer up, emo Time Lord. It's not all bad.

password: world

Untitled from such heights on Vimeo.

Tags: fandom: doctor who, vid
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Aw. I love this.
Thank you very much!
Oh, lovely. I have the feeling I'll be watching this a lot today.
Thank you, good to hear it hit the spot!
Ooh! You make me want to watch it all over again.
Hee, well that's never a bad thing! :D
D'aawwww. So sweet. :)
:D Thanks very much!
Awww! That's why I first fell in love with the show, it was just so joyous. Which seems like a strange reason sometimes, when things turn horribly tragic, but there it is. This is lovely!
Thank you! And oh, me too, me too. It may be horribly low at points, but the show would be nothing about the highs - they make it all worth it, really.
that was marvelous!
Thank you very much!
This was really nice! For such a short video I think you really summarized the Doctor and his relationships with companions very well. :)
I'm glad the snippet worked for you, thank you!
Very cute!!
:D Thank you very much!
Beautiful! And just what I love about the series - the overwhelming love the Doctor has for humanity and the world, which makes us look at ourselves anew.
I'm so pleased this caught a bit of that for you, thank you!
Squee! :-)
N'awww! Lovely. :)
Hee, thank you! :D
I really liked this. Great work on it! Short but sweet - a nice tribute to the Doctor and the companions he has had. :) The Doctor should realize that it's not all bad.
Thank you very much! And yes, I think so - better to have loved and lost, etc.
Oh, that was very lovely! I really liked the effect of the color choices tied with mood, plus I loved the choice of clips, especially transitioning between the TARDIS full of people to the scene with just the Doctor there. Really excellent work!
I'm so pleased it worked for you, thank you very much!
I love the fireworks and switching into the colour filter to reflect the message/mood - it looks gorgeous. And fabulous use of fades, I especially liked the one with Gallifrey fading into Earth. Cheer up, Doc! You still have a home! I'm always impressed and awed by how well your vids capture the world of Who for me. =D
Thanks so much, dear! I'm glad you caught the Gallifrey-Earth switch, because yes. Earth is totally a replacement Gallifrey for the Doctor now, I think, which is sort of tragic but nice? I'm not sure.
This makes me sigh with love and longing. I love it.

*dreamy sigh*
Aww, thank you very much!
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