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remember me so tenderly

I am so beat after an epic journey around London with prettyquotable and her friend K. today. I had so much fun, but ohgodcold, so I have been fit for nothing but lying prone and reading/idly contemplating writing Gwen/Morgana fic all evening. Well, there are worse ways to spend time.

On that note, Boys and Girls by penknife is a delight. It weaves rather expertly through various sorts of cliches in first-time femslash fic and makes it all feel fresh and interesting.


I think this idea for a 2009 resolution from sheafrotherdon is rather wonderful, not least because I had to sit there for a couple of minutes after reading it and think "but how would I even do that?", which I suspect says it all.


In Whofandom, the more over-the-top reactions to the latest news are making me laugh so hard. I mean, the vast majority are having a range of interesting discussions and providing me with entertainment in an intentional sort of way, but oh my. Crazy vocal minority is crazy and vocal! *grabs popcorn* One thing I have seen flying around in some corners is a bit irking, though.

Dear Doctor Who fandom,

Hi! I'm a teenage fangirl! Some of you are laying into my demographic a little strong just lately. It's one thing, a reasonable thing, to talk about the portrayal of youth and age on TV. It's entirely another to apply a bunch of really uncritical stereotypes to your fellow fans.

Some friendly points of information: teenage girls do not all watch Doctor Who solely because they have a crush on David Tennant (though I'm sure some do - what, like you've never watched a show or a film mostly because of an actor you had a thing for?). Plenty of teenage girls watch Doctor Who and have a crush on the current incarnation of the Doctor and are not mindless idiots (apparently you're only allowed to fancy actors/fictional characters respectably after you've hit your third decade, who knew?). Oh, and that's not actually a factor for some teen fangirls (some of us don't even fancy boys much, sorry to be contrary).

If you've been on the internet for more than five minutes you should know damn well that maturity online has absolutely nothing to do with age or gender.

I'm a little tired of being told that even though I've been in fandom and writing and analysing and discussing and having fun with it for three years, I only get to be taken seriously when I hit twenty.

Yours in exasperation,
such heights, fangirl, aged 19 1/2.

P.S. Could 'teenage girl' stop being an automatic insult, please? Really now.
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