Amy (such_heights) wrote,

VID: Night At The Opera [Merlin]

Night At The Opera
edited by: such_heights
fandom: Merlin
characters: ensemble
music: Queen
spoilers: through 1x13
summary: Camelot: the rock opera. Or; the first series of Merlin, to a soundtrack of some of Queen's greatest hits, coming soon to a theatre near you!
download: here [.divx, 45MB] [recommended] eta: 15/01 new megaupload link here if mediafire's playing up
stream: below.

notes: Audio editing is a bitch. I could have guessed at that before I started this little endeavour, but I know for sure. This all came about when I realised that Merlin needed, desperately, to be vidded to Queen, and why pick one song when you can mash up seven? We've got a snippet of We Will Rock You, Under Pressure for Uther, Another One Bites The Dust for Arthur, Seven Seas Of Rhye for Gwen, Killer Queen for Morgana, A Kind Of Magic for Merlin, Somebody To Love for the Dragon, and One Vision for this whole crazy programme that we love. My favourite thing about this fandom is how we all know that it is sparkly, sparkly crack, and yet it somehow springs up these moments of gravitas and we are all entirely compelled by the spectacle anyway. Hence: rock opera. I am beset with streaming woes, so I really do recommend the download for good quality.

password: opera

Untitled from such heights on Vimeo.

Tags: fandom: merlin, vid

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