Amy (such_heights) wrote,

VID: Brianstorm

a Team Torchwood vid
edited by: such_heights
fandom: Torchwood
spoilers: through 2x13
music: 'Brianstorm' by Arctic Monkeys
summary: Guns! Aliens! Explosions! Welcome to Cardiff.
download: here [29MB]
Tags: fandom: torchwood, team torchwood, vid
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That was great!
Thanks so much!
oh yay, this is absolutely awesome! & such fun.
I'm glad you enjoyed, thank you!
Thank you very much!
AWESOME!!!! Loved the cutting so much. And loved how you divvied it up btwn characters. :D
Thank you very much indeed!
As usual, you are your video get joyous of joy wonderous reviews! Loved it. I love the fast paced one and this was just grand! It reminded me about how awesome some of the season 2 episodes are. I really want to watch "Meat" again now to see Ianto tazer people.
:D Thank you, thank you! And dude, yes, Ianto tasering people IN THE FACE is possibly my favourite Ianto moment ever? So awesome!
omg, talk about BADASS IANTO JONES there, loooooooooooove!
I love this!! I love the transition of focus from character to character. The cutting is awesome!
:D Thanks so much!