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VID: Butterflies & Hurricanes

Apparently I had to get this finished before the end of the month. *despairs at self*

Butterflies & Hurricanes
a Gwen vid
edited by: such_heights
fandom: Torchwood
spoilers: through all of TW and Doctor Who
music: 'Butterflies & Hurricanes' by Muse
summary: You've got to change the world and use this chance to be heard.
content notes: some footage of guns being fired towards the camera
download: here [high quality, .divx, 42MB] or here [small, .mp4, 11 MB]
notes: made because Gwen Cooper is completely awesome, yes.

password: gwen

Untitled from such heights on Vimeo.

Change everything you are
And everything you were
Your number has been called

Fights and battles have begun
Revenge will surely come
Your hard times are ahead

Best, you've got to be the best
You've got to change the world
And use this chance to be heard
Your time is now
Tags: character: gwen cooper, fandom: torchwood, vid

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