Amy (such_heights) wrote,

VID: Tristan

a Jack vid
edited by: such_heights
fandom: Torchwood
spoilers: through 'Exit Wounds'
music: 'Tristan' by Patrick Wolf
summary: My name is Tristan, and I am alive.
watch: embedded below or stream directly on imeem here.
download: high quality version here [.divx, 26MB], smaller version here [.mp4, 10MB].

embedCollapse )
Tags: character: captain jack harkness, fandom: torchwood, vid
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woww, this is completely, utterly awesome!

i love your cutting & b/w moments & everything... plus this song is so perfect for jack, *adores*
Thanks so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Wow wow wow!!! I love everything about this! You have a great attention to detail.
:D Thank you very much indeed!


10 years ago


10 years ago

this is HELLA FUCKING COOL and probably one of my favoritest Jack vids I've seen. I love how edgy it is with the cuts and the white noise and again the cuts and the attitude. Fan-freaking-tastic!

Thanks so much, I'm delighted you enjoyed it!
That was awesome. You really capture Jack´s stained glory. Thank you for sharing.
I'm so glad it worked for you, thank you!
Here from sol_se's rec - this is just gorgeous work. Really powerful, fantastic Jack portrait.
I'm thrilled you enjoyed it, thank you so much!
This is excellent!
Thanks so much! :D
oh I love the song so had to check out the vid and it was more than worthy of it... Heart-wrenching character portrayal.
Yay Patrick Wolf, and thank you so much!

Deleted comment

:D Thanks so much! I'm delighted it worked for you.
Beautiful Jack vid!
Thanks so much!

Deleted comment

Oh wow, thanks so much! I'm delighted you enjoyed it.
This is SO Jack. You totally caught the essence of him =) Great editing and a song that totally rocks!
Thanks so much, I'm glad it worked for you!
Great Jack vid, perfect song choice. One of my favorite bits was the I'm fucked and I'm fucking sequence. Also, I really liked the storm has come, and I'm following, you did a great job using the clips to illustrate the lyrics without being overt and cheesy.

On the whole, I think this will be on my 'favorite vids list'.
Thank you, I'm really glad the lyric matches worked for you!
Holy cow, I loved this a ridiculous amount. And it really made me curious for the Jack-in-DW parts I haven't seen (all of them, at this point)! ♥
Thank you very much! And dude, if you like Jack in TW you will love him in Who. Jaaaack!


8 years ago

LOVED THIS. A lovely, well rounded Jack portrait! Fabulous beat matching and strangely compelling song. You also have my eternal devotion for the lyrics to text matching from 0:24 to 0:30. :)
Hi! Would you mind fixing the download links for this? For some reason I never downloaded this fantastic vid back when I first found it, and I'd love to be able to. Thanks!
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