Amy (such_heights) wrote,

VID: Tristan

a Jack vid
edited by: such_heights
fandom: Torchwood
spoilers: through 'Exit Wounds'
music: 'Tristan' by Patrick Wolf
summary: My name is Tristan, and I am alive.
watch: embedded below or stream directly on imeem here.
download: high quality version here [.divx, 26MB], smaller version here [.mp4, 10MB].

password: tristan

Untitled from such heights on Vimeo.

Tags: character: captain jack harkness, fandom: torchwood, vid
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LOVELY Jack vid. The images matched the intensity of the music perfectly. Thanks.
:D Thank you so much!
You win major points for this video. Seriously, how are you so amazing? I mean the video fit perfectly. You had lots of Fragments Jack history shots which I love (not to mention 1999 crew) and I liked the speed and woo! You rule. (Do I praise you too much? too bad!)
Yay, thank you so much! I'm terribly glad you liked it. And hee, yes, your '99 crew - I could say I thought of you by, uh, showing one of their dead bodies? ;)


10 years ago

Oh, that's cool.
Great music, and the images/cutting worked really well.
Thank you very much indeed!

Deleted comment

Haha, I thought so! Jack/Patrick Wolf=otp, y/y? Thanks so much!
WOW. Incredible. I can see why the song made you think of Jack.
Thank you very much! And yes, it really does, I couldn't resist bringing it to life.
I really loved this - the music, and the editing, and just, yes.
Thank you so much!

I love Patrick Wolf and I've always looooooved this song. And never thought about relating it to Jack, but you are so right, it's perfect for him! The editing on this is beautiful, clean, fast, and incredibly paced with the music, and the light use of subtle effects is seamless. I really enjoyed this video!
:D Thank you very much indeed! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it. This is a favourite song of mine too, it was a lot of fun putting the two together.

Deleted comment

Thank you very much indeed! :D
AWESOME. I really loved the timing on this. Totally reccing later.
Thank you so much, both for the comment and the rec, I'm delighted you enjoyed this! :D
That was awesome!
Thank you very much indeed!
Very very fun! :D Great blend of emotions, and a wonderful portrait of Jack. :}
Thanks very much indeed!
Thank you!
British omnisexuals unite : D This should have been such an obvious combination, in retrospect, and you've done it justice beautifully.
Hee, indeed! Thank you very much.
That was FANTASTIC. I loved how much the song fit for Jack. Clearly I don't have the right Patric Wolf on my iPod. :/ Anyway this was brilliant and layered and you did a wonderful job with the cutting. Loved it!
:D Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. And dude, Patrick Wolf ftw, basically, and I do love Tristan.


10 years ago

Deleted comment

Thank you very much! I do love me some Wolf.
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