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dogdaysofsummer Day 01

Right, I have a plan! Though I am not here after the 14th, I'll be damned if I don't give this a crack anyway.

All fics this time round will be set in July 1980, centering around the build up to Harry being born.

Cliffs & Seagulls
PG-13, 450 words
Summary: Sirius wakes up after a rather disastrous camping trip

Sirius wakes up flat on his back with a seagull peering far too inquisitively into his left eye. Too sleep-doped even to scream, he instead just whimpers and flails out his right hand to where Remus is sure to be.

Except, he isn’t. Sirius is stranded on a cliff top all alone with a seagull that’s about to peck out his eyeballs.

This is not a good start to the day.

Just as Sirius is about to lose it completely, soft footsteps can be heard above his head.

‘Good morning, Padfoot!’ Remus calls brightly. ‘I see you’ve met old Sally here.’

I hate you, Sirius means to say. ‘Sally?’

‘Sally the seagull. Obviously.’ Remus turns to the bird. ‘Now, off you go, Sally – stop pestering this nice young man!’

‘You’re insane,’ Sirius says blearily, wishing he was awake enough to come up with a better retort.

‘You’re the one scared shitless of a seagull,’ Remus answers.

‘Ugh. Memo to self: I am never, ever going camping with you ever again.’

‘But Sirius, we’ve been having so much fun!’

Now Sirius is awake. ‘Moony. All of our food either got nicked or went off in the heat. Our tent blew away in the night. We had to sleep on a rock. This is not my definition of having fun.’

Remus sighs indulgently. ‘Oh, you loved it really.’

‘No, I didn’t. Really.’

‘Fine. But you can’t deny last night wasn’t good.’

‘Alright. I concede, outdoor sex is good. But we could have done in the privacy of our own garden, you madman! Why, why did you have to drag me out here?’

Remus sits down beside him and doesn’t bother to answer, instead staring out at the sea. He smiles to himself, and Sirius feels a little frantic.


Remus blinks. ‘Oh, sorry – miles away!’ He shuffles closer, leaning his head on Sirius’ shoulder. ‘It’s 1st July today.’

‘So it is…’ Sirius breathes. ‘Wow, it really is close, isn’t it?’

‘Yeah. Lily says it’ll be between three and four weeks.’

Suddenly energised, Sirius jumps up, dragging Remus with him. Standing on the edge of the cliff, he flings his arms out to the rising sun and whoops.

‘Little Harry Potter,’ he murmurs in wonder. ‘Soon, you are for this world.’

‘It might be Rose Potter, you know,’ Remus reminds him.

‘Nonsense! Rose is coming along later – she’s going to need a big brother to look after her and ward off all suitors until she’s at least 25.’

Remus wraps his arms and Sirius and smiles into his neck. ‘Ready to be a godfather?’

‘The question you really need to ask,’ says Sirius with a huge, daft grin, ‘is whether Harry is ready for me!’

Tags: character: remus lupin, character: sirius black, fic, fic: harry potter, fic: harry potter: dogdaysofsummer, pairing: remus/sirius
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