Amy (such_heights) wrote,

A Remus/Sirius Fanmix for wellymuck

Because exams are slaying me, I bring this instead of fic. Featuring all musical prompts of wellymuck and many more springtime gems.

1. Antenna - Come On Spring
2. Belle & Sebastian - Another Sunny Day
3. Joe Purdy - I Love The Rain The Most
4. Explosions in the Sky - The Moon Is Down
5. Mirah - Pollen
6. Coldplay - Yellow
7. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Biomusicology
8. The Lucksmiths - Midweek Midmorning
9. Belle & Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo
10. Sigur Rós - Hoppípolla
11. The Postal Service - Such Great Heights
12. The Smiths - Cemetary Gates
13. Doves - Catch The Sun
14. Powderfinger - Waiting For The Sun
15. Something Corporate - Watch The Sky

Download the zip, including a front cover amalgamation of lovely pictures, here (yousendit) or here (megaupload)

ETA 25/9: New zip uploaded on yousendit here - good for 100 downloads & 7 days. Feel free to ask for it after that if you so wish.
Tags: fanmix, fic: harry potter: wellymuck, music, pairing: remus/sirius
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