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Friending? Hi! Do drop in to say what brings you here.

As of September '09 I have relocated to Dreamwidth. I'll still be checking my LJ flist and participating in LJ communities, my entries will still show up here, and you can comment on my posts at Dreamwidth using OpenID.

A masterlist of all my fanworks can be found here.

My policy on permissions for use of my work is that you don't in fact need my permission to make art, record podfic, remix, critique, translate, save, share or otherwise reuse and interact with anything I've done. I'd love it if you'd share a link with me when you're done, however!

My policy on warnings is that I will endeavour to clearly signpost fanworks of mine that others may find triggering. Elements that I will warn for in my work include consent issues, whether real or part of a roleplaying scenario, 'on screen' major character death, substance abuse and themes of depression/self-harm/suicide. If anyone has doubts about whether or not they can safely view anything I've done, please contact me.


If you want to get in touch with me for any reason, you can PM me on either LiveJournal or Dreamwidth, or email me at such.heights at gmail dot com.
Tags: fic, journalling: masterlist, podfic, vid
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