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2013 fanworks

2013 was not a very high output year for me, creatively. I spent the first six months ludicrously busy, and the latter half of the year trying to find my groove again.


fic: World Saving 101 (Buffy/DW, Martha & Buffy)
fic: Roll The Dice (DW RPF, Matt/Karen/Arthur)
vid: In Our Bedroom After The War (Good Bye, Lenin!, for festivids)


fic: Allegiances (A:tLA, Suki/Ty Lee)
fic: apples are red (DW, Amy/Rory)

... I apparently never posted either of those to my journal! Huh.


fic: Coffee Morning (Buffy, Joyce & Sheila)


vid: England (DW, companions, Vidukon premiere)
vid: Hammerhead (DW, Martha, Wiscon premiere)


fic: Pages Upon Pages (DW, Clara, Eleven, Amy)
vid: The Magic Position (DW, Amy/Rory)


vid: My Secret (Elementary, Joan)
vid: Raise Your Glass (MCU, ensemble)


vid: The Breaking Light (Pacific Rim, Mako, Stacker, Raleigh)
podfic: A Cry Answered (Pacific Rim, Mako, Stacker)
fic: Profile Piece (Fanny Whittington, Fanny/Ali, for Yuletide)


fic: 7
vids: 6
podfic: 1

wordcount: 8952
vidlength: 26:10 min
podfic: 36:52 min

Heavily dominated by Doctor Who again, with Pacific Rim and Buffy getting joint second place.

I'm quite happy with my vid output, but pretty bummed I didn't write more. Still, onwards and upwards!

I'm not going to do a full set of meme questions this year (though very happy to answer any questions anyone has), but I'd say that my most popular fanworks were probably Raise Your Glass, unsurprisingly given the huge fandom, and Pages Upon Pages, which I'm delighted with because I'm very fond of thinking about Amy the author and I'm glad other people are too. It was really nice to see the story got a boost after it was podficced for podtor_who.

The one I'm proudest of is England - I spent weeks fussing over minor details in that one, making [personal profile] purplefringe watch endless drafts. I just love every single companion so much and really wanted to do justice to those nine New Who characters. I think it's the most successful thesis statement I've made to date about why I love this show so much. I also think the last shot is pretty great - it punches me right in the feels whenever I rewatch.

I also rewatch The Magic Position all the time, as is right and proper when you make the happy bouncy feelingsy vid about how perfect your OTP is.

This year I solemnly swear to WRITE MORE WORDS, and also to finish editing some existing ones. It's now been over a year since I wrote the first draft of the epic Ponds fic and it's still not done oh my god editing is the worst I hate everything. /o\

Things I've got in the queue also include a post-Iron Man 3 Natasha/Pepper story, possibly a Jane/Thor vid for the Aims vidding project, and some stuff for Buffy, A:tLA, etc. If I could just finish things at anything like the rate I get ideas, that would be swell.

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