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Nine Worlds: new London con

Potentially relevant to some of your interests - a bunch of fans are putting together what could be a massive, sprawling con in London and it sounds pretty great. I'd love to have an event like this happen at home.

A creative arts, gaming, film, costuming, anime, fandom, literature, science and geek culture convention. Also a really big party.

We're a group of sci-fi convention fans putting together a weekend-long, multi-genre, residential GeekFest in London next summer, on August 9th-11th. We've named it Nine Worlds GeekFest. The idea behind Nine Worlds is to create a large fan-run multi-genre geek event in London. For years we've been going to huge US cons like Dragon*Con and GenCon and SDCC, and we got to wondering why nothing like that exists in the UK. France can drum up over 20,000 sci-fi fans for Utopiales, even Finland can find 15,000 fans for FinnCon. But when it comes to large fan-driven residential multi-genre sci-fi cons in the UK, pickings are pretty slim.

From chatting to one of the organisers I know they're big into ideas of safer spaces, accessibility, strong anti-harassment policies, and actively looking for diversity in their panelists and attendees.

They've just opened a Kickstarter to sell early-bird tickets and if they hit their target, the con's a definite go. Find out more here!



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