Amy (such_heights) wrote,

Doctor Who Christmas special prequel + trailer

SQUEE! \o/

Children in Need tonight brought us a prequel clip and a trailer from the Christmas special.

a;lsdja YAY.

- Vastra and Jenny are Holmes and Watson LET ME DIE. Also lololol Strax, what. But omg Vastra/Jenny omg I'M SO EXCITED THAT THEY'RE BACK.

- Eleven's wearing Amy's glasses. F. M. L.

- CLARA! Her little face! And omg, Jenna and Matt introducing it, what is going onnnn I can't wait to find out. :D And she reminds me of Susan Sto Helit kind of intensely with the being a Victorian governess thing.

YAY. Well if I can't have Ponds, this will do very nicely indeed.

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