Amy (such_heights) wrote,

Doctor Who Ficlet for finkpishnets

For finkpishnets from here.

Prompt interpreted slightly loosely, producing a monologue with a bit of narration at the end.

Doctor Who, sort of gen, sort of Doctor/Rose [I have no idea which one I'd tag it as], PG.

‘Hello, Rose. This is one of the more stupid things I’ve done in a while – oh, don’t give me that! But it’s possible that one day I’ll find the smallest gap between out worlds, just enough to send a message through. And maybe it will only be open for a fraction of a second, and so I’d want to be ready, just in case there was ever a chance. And I think this may have occurred to you, too, so that if I can ever send it, you can receive it.

‘Oh, this really is mad, isn’t it? Here I am, standing in the TARDIS talking to myself, just in case there’s ever a gap in the fabric of the universes. Rose Tyler, you have officially driven a Time Lord to insanity. Congratulations.

‘I miss you. There are mornings when I wake up and completely forget you’re not here. But I’m not alone, you know. She’s not a replacement for you, don’t get shirty with me, but she’s looking after me, so don’t worry.

‘I hope you’re still protecting Earth. I’m sure you are – you didn’t really need me any more as it was.

‘I think I know what you’re waiting for me to say. And I also think you already know the answer. If I was ever going to fall in love with anyone – oh, Rose, it would have been you. But I can’t, and I don’t, and you know that. Even so, I am never going to forget you, so don’t you dare think I have. A vice or a virtue of Time Lords, I’m never sure which – we don’t forget.

‘I’m going to end this here, or else I’ll just descend into sentimentality, and then I’ll cry, and then you’ll cry, and I can’t be having that. One last thing – I’ve said this to you before I know, but it bears repeating. You were fantastic.
We were fantastic.’

The Doctor sat down heavily, recording over. He might send it in two months, fifty years or never. But it was there, a just-in-case. Martha tripped down the stairs, ready for a new world, and the Doctor stood up, leaving the past behind but safely tucked away, deep in the heart of the TARDIS.

Next up, some more Good Omens. In other news, James has been beaten in submission and so that whole story is progressing quite nicely - I went over the 3,000 word mark for the first time ever in a fic today, so that was exciting.

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