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PG, 800 words
Summary: Sirius finds himself thoroughly pranked.
Notes: This has absolutely nothing to do with the prompt, apart from that it sort of gave me my opening lines.

The shadows lengthen, and the sea begins to simmer red in the distance. There is a deep calm in Remus’ veins now, as the tide pulls away and leaves a glistening and empty shore.

They sit together, cross-legged and hunched over a fire. Lily produces five sticks and hands them out. Sirius takes one reluctantly, and Remus smiles at the bemused expression on his face. Peter looks expectant, and James clearly knowing what’s coming.

‘Marshmallows!’ Lily announces.

She brings forth a bag of them, big pink and white things that Remus remembers having at various times in his life. He looks at Sirius and Peter, then catches James’ eye and dissolves into laughter. Clearly, they have never been exposed to these squishy delights before.

Lily hands them round, and they take one each, Peter taking a pink one by mistake and then looking embarrassed as the bag gets swept away. Sirius squeezes one experimentally, then smiles, apparently pleased by the results. Peter remains dubious, frowning and holding the marshmallow by the tips of his fingers.

Without a word of warning, Lily skewers her own marshmallow onto the end of her stick and thrusts it into the fire.

Sirius squawks. ‘Argh! What are you doing? What madness is this?’

Lily is trying hard not to smirk, but the corners of her mouth wobble anyway. ‘This is an ancient Wizarding way of preparing food, Sirius, surely you’ve encountered these before?’

For a moment, Sirius looks worried. Then he frowns. ‘Oh, you’re having me on, this is Muggle food!’

Lily shakes her head seriously. ‘No, honestly – haven’t you ever seen these in Honeydukes?’

‘Oh come off it, Pads,’ James chimes in, and now Remus is having to work very hard not to snigger. ‘You must have seen these before – marshmallows! Your house-elves must have done for you a couple of times, surely?’

Peter looks doubtful. ‘I don’t think I’ve seen these before, either, Prongs,’ he says, staring at his marshmallow, ‘and you think I would have done, with my dad and all.’

‘Of course you’ve seen them, Wormtail!’ says James, eyes nearly bulging out of his head as he attempts subtle communication with Peter, never an easy feat.

Sirius looks down again at his stick, clearly puzzled, and James risks a quick jab to Peter’s ribs and a very meaningful look. Peter stares for a moment, then his eyes widen.

‘Oh! Marshmallows! Well, of course I’ve had these before, yeah, absolutely!’

Sirius looks up at that, and then turns to Remus imploringly.

‘They’re winding me up, aren’t they? I can tell. Moony?’

Remus hesitates for a moment, but he can feel Lily’s death gaze on him, and this really is slightly too entertaining to resist. He sighs gravely and pats Sirius on the head.

‘Clearly, this is one more in the long list of injustices perpetrated against you by the House of Black. I’m sorry, Padfoot.’

Sirius looks sadly at his marshmallow then gingerly pokes the stick in the general direction of the fire.

They all have this down to a fine art now, and so it’s on a count of three that they all burst out laughing. Sirius looks up sharply, confused.

‘What? What’s so funny?’

‘Oh, Sirius,’ Lily says in between giggles. ‘Your face! Of course we’re making it up, you lemon!’

Sirius scowls. ‘Ha ha. You all think you’re hilarious, don’t you?’

James nods vigorously. ‘Oh yes. We are brilliant.’

‘Hmm. Well. My revenge, rest assured, will be most dire, for I loathe you all,’ he declares, with just enough melodrama to show acceptance that they got him good and proper.

‘Moony, I am particularly appalled at you!’ he says after a moment. ‘What kind of relationship is this, where you just sell me out to be mocked and humiliated?’

‘One of which I am deeply, deeply proud – Moony is a true Marauder!’ James says, leaning over and patting Remus ceremoniously on the shoulder.

‘Thank you, James,’ Remus replies with suitable gravitas. ‘Those are kind, kind words.’

James nods. ‘Oh, I know.’

In the midst of all of this, Peter has been prodding his stick around in the fire, toasting his marshmallow to a perfect crisp. Now, he extracts it slowly before taking a delicate bite.

His eyes widen again. ‘Wow. These are really good, Lily – guess Muggles can do something right after all!’

Sirius suddenly goes calculating, then with one swift movement he seizes the sticks off James, Lily and Remus and devours all of their marshmallows in one mouthful.

His eyes become dreamy, and he collapses onto Remus’ shoulder with a happy sigh. After chewing thoroughly, he nods slowly.

‘Feed me enough of those, and I might just be able to forgive you.’
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